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Seven reasons that will make us want to hire you

By 6 September 2023February 25th, 2024Working with us

Here are seven reasons that will make us want to hire you. If you recognize yourself in this portrait, contact us immediately. If you recognize a friend of yours, send him or her the link, and help us get in touch!

1) You have a constant desire for learning

You are curious. You are eager to learn, and you put your time into it. You read the whole internet on all topics. You read physics books. Your read biographical books. You read self-improvement books. You listen to interviews on YouTube. You apply your findings and discoveries in real life by practice and experiment. You push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You throw yourself in the fire. You are eager to grow and learn. Every step is an opportunity to become better. 

2) You are fast and reliable

You keep your word. You are reliable. You are fast. We say things but once and when we come back the task is already done. You answer emails quickly. You have a good memory. You never lose track of ideas, discussions and responsibilities. You pay attention to details. You are not afraid of work. You are always volunteering to do more than expected, and take the chance as an opportunity to learn. You are someone one can count on, and entrust a critical task on a risky adventure. No matter what happens, especially when every hope seems lost, you will find a way to succeed.

3) You have multiple talents

You are both a musician and an athlete. You have spent thousands of hours practicing and preparing for public performances (concerts or competitions). You have earned a prize or a medal. You know what it means to experience long hours of effort, of difficult slow progress, of mental and physical suffering. Self-discipline and self-improvement have become an instinctive part of your life. You are both an artist and a competitor. The whole world may be watching you, you are ready to take the stage, and no challenge can frighten you.

4) You are an original, an outlier, a little crazy, a little different

You are a little bit original. An outlier. You have things to your credit that are not so common for your age. You have walked off the beaten path, you have a little bit of an exotic experience and character. You won an award, been on TV, dropped out of school, caught the attention of famous people, or had creative achievements under your belt. You often do the very opposite of what everybody tells you. You’ve been called crazy at least more than once. A friend of Stellar says with humor: « It is not necessary to be crazy to work in this office, but it seriously helps ».

5) You are smart

You love maths and science. You are in the top tier of your category, measured objectively on a material scale. You see maths and physics as poetry. You forget time when you start coding. You master your knowledge and like to share it. You have a strong intuition and a fertile imagination. You are gifted for writing and literature. You love things elegantly done, may it be a demonstration or a speech. You are endowed with an artistic mind, a natural elegance, you have witty thoughts and a subtle sense of humor. 

6) You are ambitious and patient

You are ambitious. You want to become successful both professionally and financially, but you are patient, and you want to deserve it by your own merits. You think long-term. You know that everything requires time and effort. You know very well that the following quote is true: « The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary » (this is from Vince Lombardi the football coach). You are ready for the journey, and you know with confidence that you will make your way in life.

7) You see a team as a family

You have a sense of friendship and family. You figure your colleagues as comrades in the army. You are loyal and you know how to preserve and protect a strong nucleus. You take care of your friends when they are in trouble or hurt. You know how to lift them up with your positive words, love and energy. You are among the brave, and you will have your friends’ back in any circumstances. 


If you recognize yourself in this portrait, contact us immediately. If you recognize a friend of yours, send him or her the link, and help us get in touch!