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Data visualization

The GRACE Plotter and more

Data visualization
2 October 2019

Data visualization: Start here

Dear friends, Welcome! This is the starting page for data visualization. We are putting together a series of articles for you on the topic, starting soon. You'll learn everything about The…
Data visualization
3 February 2021

The GRACE Plotter Pt. 1 – Da Vinci, Saint-Exupéry and the old Irish distillery

Flying machines, Leonardo da Vinci style Three simple rules to build our tools As we mentioned in our previous post Fish, tools and investment, we like to build tools to…
Data visualization
3 March 2021

The GRACE Plotter Pt. 2 – Engineering a fluid solution to a water problem

All that water has a mass Spirit, conception and ignition If you haven't read the two previous articles yet, Fish, tools and investment, and Da Vinci, Saint-Exupéry and the old…
Data visualization
5 May 2021

The GRACE Plotter Pt. 3 – The next big thing after the Nintendo

The GRACE Plotter, soon to be released on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Catching up Welcome to another episode of the GRACE Plotter series. If you haven’t read those…
Data visualization
7 December 2022

The GRACE Plotter Pt. 4 – New features (Lies, damned lies and statistics)

Data servers, javascript code, and piles of data about to stackoverflow If you just discover the GRACE Plotter series, start with this article first : Da Vinci, Saint-Exupéry and the…
Data visualization
7 June 2023

The GRACE Plotter Pt. 5 – Retiring the original design

The original GRACE Plotter design New design Dear friends, this month, we are retiring the original GRACE Plotter design and introducing a brand new one. The original design has made…