Working with us

Working with us

What is our goal, in one sentence? It is very simple. We want to meet smart, bright, kind people, and we want to do business with them for a long time.

We work in the space industry. We have strong skills in mathematics, data processing, system inversion, and anything related to the processing of measurements from satellite missions. We also have a talent for developing interactive websites for data visualization. But above all, we are curious, hard-working, and quick-learners which makes us excellent partners in any circumstances.

We want to attract people who are passionate about what they do, and who have a sense of fulfillment by achievement. This is as true for our clients as for our employees, and this is the reason why this page is dedicated to both of them. It tells you what to expect when working with us as a client and working with us as an employee. Read on to learn more about what we can do together!

Working with Stellar as a client

Working with Stellar as a client
  • Why are we doing this?
  • Why working with us?
  • What services do we provide?
  • What is our academic background?
  • On the love of one’s work
  • On the spirit of service
  • On team work
  • On administration and procedures
  • Work ethics
  • Who are our favorite customers?
  • Why working with a small company?
  • The art of the deal
  • Aligned interests
  • Tell your friends
  • One more thing

Why are we doing this?

Why did we create Stellar? We like to do things our way, because we believe we can do things better and differently. We are passionate about improving things, and we think we can do a better job for both clients and employees. We have enough of that little grain of folly to take the risk to prove it, and we are hardworking enough to turn our words into reality.

Why working with us?

We want to do great work with people who have a passion for what they do. We want to build long-term relationships with people who are like-minded: who like to think differently and who are ready to overcome difficulties to achieve something great.

What services do we provide?

We provide intellectual services for the space industry. Our expertise is on the science and data side of Earth observation missions. We process data, analyze satellite measurements, invert linear systems, develop software, perform studies, simulations and other related activities. We tailor interactive visualization websites to make your data shine and deliver it to the public. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.

What is our academic background?

The founder and CEO of the company turned 35 years old in 2018, and is a former student of Ecole Sainte-Geneviève in Versailles (Ginette) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SUPAERO). We like French Classes Préparatoires and Grandes Ecoles because people from this curriculum have strong roots in maths and physics, are able to learn quickly and to deal with an important workload. We like this profile a lot, but we are open to any academic profile.

On the love of one's work

Love of one’s work is crucial for us at Stellar. Why? Great painters love to paint, great singers love to sing, great athletes love to run. That’s why they get better at it every day. When we hire people, we are looking for people with a passion, and who love what they do. They will work with additional care and dedication, because they want to be proud of their work, not just because they’re told. They will be happy to come to work every morning. They will be enthusiastic about it, communicate their passion to others, and that will bring everybody in a positive direction.

On the spirit of service

We are a services company, we are rewarded when we make other people satisfied. Our role is to make your life easier. So, when we hire engineers, we are looking for people who feel a genuine pleasure at making other people satisfied. We’ve experienced time and time again that it creates a virtuous cycle.

On team work

At Stellar, we love to join brains and efforts to solve problems. Working together keeps us learning something new everyday. We never get bored and we always progress. We share the troubles and we celebrate the joys together. We learn from each other, we teach each other and we support each other. As a result, we build strong skills and strong redundancy within the company, which ensures stability of operations for the company and its customers.

On administration and procedures

We are a technical company. We want to use our time solving technical problems with technical people who love technical subjects. We are very cautious about time-consuming, brain-exhausting, and self-inflicted administrative-mania. We like to keep things fluid and simple for both clients and employees. Instead of enforcing countless and frustrating arbitrary rules, we favor (and extensively practice) old-school values such as common sense and personal responsibility.

Work ethics

We try to stick to simple honest sincere boy-scout values.

Who are our favorite customers?

We put a lot of love and effort in what we do. Running a small company requires extra energy, dedication and will. So we like to work with people who see the value of it and who share the same vision. We value hard-work, courage, generosity, kindness, availability, and we like to work with people who live by the same values everyday. We will do everything for those customers. We will do our utmost best to serve them well every single day, and to earn their esteem and respect for years and years.

Why working with a small company?

Small is beautiful. It means more flexibility, more creativity, quick decisions, less bureaucracy, more personal involvement, more personal responsibility, and more satisfaction. Small companies are very good at solving problems because they have to do it all the time. Their life depends on it, so they are much more reactive, concerned, experienced, and persistent. Bigger companies can be slow and inefficient, it has no consequences for them (at least not in the short term). It does not really make a big difference for them if one customer is happy or not. As far as small companies are concerned, if they do something wrong, they will feel the consequences immediately. This is your best guarantee that they will do it right. As a customer, small companies will take care of you fondly, and they will gift you with higher spirits, better work and better results.

The art of the deal

There’s nothing that makes us happier than a clever solution that makes everybody win. At Stellar, we understand that the world works on interests and we fully embrace this. This is why we are always very diligent and disciplined to understand what your interests are. This enables us to imagine and strike good deals. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again. And we have the power to do so: there’s not a long hierarchical chain of decisions that will take months before you get an answer. You’ll be talking directly to the CEO, so any decision will be applied very quickly.

Aligned interests

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” (Henry Ford). We always try to make sure that the interests of all parties are aligned. In other words, we will always make sure that engineers, management and customers are always looking towards the same direction and are rewarded by the same outcome. We do like human virtue (and heavily rely on it), but we also like when all natural egoistic tendencies also happen to coincide with common interest. A tried and true recipe for long-term success.

Will we make mistakes?

This is one promise we can guarantee. We will make mistakes. Mistakes are the practical way you learn when you take the risk to do things. You learn to ride a bicycle by falling and trying again. That’s also how you become experienced, and then very appreciated for your experience. As Einstein said: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. So yes, you can be sure that we will make some mistakes along the way, but we’ll try to be cautious enough that none of them has serious consequences, and that all of them can be made up for very quickly.

Tell your friends

Our favorite way to reach new people is by word of mouth, by people who have experienced our work. If you like our work, our website, or any of what you read until now, please send a link to your friends and colleagues!

One more thing

We encourage you to read the next part. You’ll be working daily with our engineers. So you definitely want to know who you’ll be dealing with!

Working with Stellar as an employee

Working with us as an employee
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What do we do?
  • What personal qualities are we looking for?
  • Who will you be working with?
  • What is the role of management?
  • Why working in a small company?
  • What about money?
  • I am a senior (and I hate retirement)
  • Get in touch early (now)

Why are we doing this?

Here is a story that we have learned from experience, and that we have seen time and time again. The brightest students come to the space industry because they have a dream. Space always attracts creative and inspired students. Those students are excellent at school, graduate from prestigious universities and then they find a job in a big structure. Then they face the reality of what a big structure is: rigid procedures, arbitrary rules, endless bureaucracy, everything is slow, everything is complicated, critical thinking is forbidden, intellectual talent is underused. Every year we hear the same story. Those talented students come to our industry to change the world and they end up being frustrated all day long. We think this is a shame. We think bright minds deserve an exciting professional life. We want to create the framework for them to be creative, to be useful, and to use their talents to benefit others. We want to get rid of the useless noise, and focus only on the essential: achieving good work.

What do we do?

We process satellite measurements, calculate orbits, perform simulations, improve geophysical models, solve linear systems, invert matrices, build software, debug code, develop websites. We like space mechanics, spherical harmonics, linear algebra, shell, fortran, C,  javascript and other exotic forms of intellectual gymnastics. We have regular and entertaining discussions with Kepler, Newton, Einstein, Gauss, Lagrange, Legendre, Fourier, and other inspiring legends. We will gladly admit that you have to be kind of a geek to do what we do, but we are actually having fun doing it.

What personal qualities are we looking for?

Here are some traits we are looking for in the people we hire in the team: love of science, strong roots in maths and physics, curiosity, imagination, creativity, ability to solve problems, pragmatism, reactivity, reliability, personal responsibility, patience, courage, spirit of service, taste for sharing knowledge, taste for helping others, availability, sense of humor, kindness. Our requirement is simple: we will be working with you everyday, so we want to be in good company. We want to be entertained and delighted by your intelligence, and we want to miss you when you’re away. And we want our clients to feel exactly the same about you.

Who will you be working with?

Basically people like you. We want to build a good-hearted and industrious team of people, who like work, and who like to exchange and experiment together around what they do. And to the best possible extent, we will try to privilege activities with customers who have the same traits and vision, so they will appreciate your qualities, and so you will be happy to give your best for them everyday.

What is the role of management?

Management will give you the big directions, so you understand what we are doing and why. Then, the work is yours to achieve. It will be your responsibility to bring the task to success. Management will be there to make sure you have everything you need. We will be working at your service to make sure that everything is OK, that all problems can be solved, and that your work is running like a well-oiled machine. Contrary to almost every company in the world, management will be working for you, and not the opposite. Then, once you are ready and set up, we will step back and watch, and we’ll just wait to be amazed by your talent. This is why we hired you after all…

Why working in a small company?

Working in a small company is like working on a small ship. Sometimes the water is calm, and life is beautiful under the sun. Sometimes a big storm comes and rocks the boat, and we need everybody to work extra-hard and to help each other to keep the boat afloat. If you have the nerves, the brains and the heart, working in a small company is the most rewarding experience you can have. In a small company, you have the unique opportunity to create the path you will be traveling on. You will find more passion, more freedom, more satisfaction. In return, you absolutely have to be there when people need you. You quickly become an important piece of the puzzle, so your sense of responsibility must be flawless. When we say that we count on you, we mean it. So you probably already know instinctively if this is good for you or not. If you have the guts and heart for this, working in a small company will provide you many joys, and the long lasting feeling of accomplishment.

What about money?

Money comes from the value we bring to others. Bring a wealth of value to others and money will come to you.

I am a senior (and I hate retirement)

Then you already gained our sympathy! In some countries, some employers will fire you just because you’ve reached an arbitrary age limit, even though you still have treasures of knowledge and energy to offer. What a a shame. The most passionate people never retire. They might slow down their activity at some point, but they never stop, because they just love what they do. Of course, laying in the sun and drinking cocktails on the beach may be nice for a month or two, but let’s get serious, you also need something to satisfy your intellectual talents, to stay active and keep you motivated. So if for you, work and fun are the same, and retirement feels just like a non-deserved punishment, let’s get in touch. We could invent the next chapter of your professional life together. You have the experience and the brains, and the younger people in our staff have the legs and the motivation to do what you can’t do or don’t want to do anymore. That could make a perfect team, with a lot to cooperate between generations. And for you, this time, it will be without the constraints, at your own pace and for the fun part of it. And it will for sure provide some extra income for your travels… if you like cocktails on the beach, after all.

Get in touch early (now)

Sometimes opportunities take time, and are slower to materialize than our immediate desire to hire you. Sometimes, it’s just the opposite, opportunities arise without notice. So it is very important to be in contact early. It allows to be ready when necessary. It also allows to get to know each other better and to build trust over time. If we feel like we can do something together in the future, we will very likely stay in touch regularly. And hopefully, act when the time is just right.

Who is behind Stellar?

Who is behind Stellar?
  • Who is behind Stellar?
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship

Who is behind Stellar?

The founder and CEO of the company is a 35 year-old entrepreneur named Stéphane Bourgogne. Entrepreneur full time, scientific engineer (Ginette/Supaéro), curious, never giving up, and artist in mind, he is the driving force and the spirit of the company. More details coming soon…

Stéphane Bourgogne

Stéphane Bourgogne

Founder and CEO

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