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Current offers

Space geodesy
Improving Earth’s gravity field models from the GRACE and GRACE-FO missions.

Currently closed

Web development
Improving interactive visualisation tools for scientific data.

Currently closed
Spontaneous applications

We love spontaneous applications. Sometimes opportunities take time, and are slower to materialize than our immediate desire to hire you. Sometimes, it’s just the opposite, opportunities arise without notice. So it is very important to be in contact early. It allows to be ready when necessary. It also allows to get to know each other better and to build trust over time. If we like your application, we will very likely stay in touch and follow your story. And hopefully, act when the time is just right.

Who are we looking for?

Learn more in the “Working with us” section of the blog.

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Application advice

We are a small startup. We are not looking for the usual standardized language that will please the human resources department of a big company. You’ll be talking directly to the CEO. Be simple and smart. We are curious about you. We want to know you better. We want to read your application and get a hint of who you are, what you like, what you do, what your style is, what you have achieved so far. We are honored that you come to us, so we will treat your application with care and interest. We always like things that stand a little bit out of the ordinary, and we will welcome anything you have to show us in any field.

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Applications can be submitted in English or in French.