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Working with us

A few principles, our spirit, and some practical information

Working with us
6 November 2019

Interview with the CEO Part 1: Working with Stellar as a client

Good morning Mr. Stéphane Bourgogne, and welcome to this interview!  Good morning! Thank you. Today, we are basically going to ask you one simple question, but in many different ways.…
Working with us
4 December 2019

Interview with the CEO Part 2: Working with Stellar as a collaborator

Welcome to the second part of the interview! After asking you questions about « Working with Stellar as a client » (Part 1), now is « Working with Stellar as a collaborator » (Part…
Working with us
5 January 2022

Stellar offices

Hello friends, We're glad to unveil our new offices in Ramonville-Saint-Agne. We worked really hard on them to make them elegant, warm, stimulating for the brain and inspiring for the…
Working with us
6 April 2022

A job interview at Stellar

What to expect We’ve had quite a few interviews over the years, so we can tell you how it looks like. We are a small company. We don’t operate in…
Working with us
6 September 2023

Seven reasons that will make us want to hire you

Here are seven reasons that will make us want to hire you. If you recognize yourself in this portrait, contact us immediately. If you recognize a friend of yours, send…
Working with us
1 November 2023

Word of mouth (what our clients say)

As you know, we always like to preach about the advantages of working with a small company. So in this article, we decided to compile a few compliments that we…