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Business thoughts

A few written pieces from Stellar

Business thoughts
2 December 2020

A bug in the binary code

Something wrong with 2020?                        
Business thoughts
6 January 2021

Fish, tools and investment

The stone age and the birth of the industry It naturally occurred to some Prehistoric men thousands of years ago that building tools in order to make tasks easier would…
Business thoughts
7 April 2021

Pleasure at work

Wisdom from giants It is very well known that pleasure stimulates the human brain. It’s a biological truth. So it is not surprising that people who love their job do excellent…
Business thoughts
2 June 2021

The nerves, the heart and the brains

We typically do space geodesy. This is our first post about biology. Set theory This article revolves around two important questions: How many arrangements, permutations and combinations are there in…
Business thoughts
7 July 2021

Skin in the game

« Play the game with more than you can afford to lose. Only then will you learn the game. » (Winston Churchill). Skin in the game Do you have anything…
Business thoughts
3 May 2023

Practice, practice, practice

One day without practice… The following quote is a famous one amongst musicians. Wynton Marsalis, the famous trumpet player and a regular guest at the Jazz in Marciac festival (not…