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Space geodesy

Gravity field and more

Space geodesy
1 October 2019

Space geodesy: Start here

Dear friends, Welcome! This is the starting page for space geodesy. Starting soon, we will share our interests with you by publishing a series of articles on space geodesy, gravity…
Space geodesy
16 October 2020

Is the Earth flat?

Is the Earth flat? Well, the shape of the Earth is quite an interesting topic. An old map (flat)   In science and physics, it's never shameful to start with…
Space geodesy
20 November 2020

A mathematical glimpse into spherical harmonics (and the adventurous life of Joseph Fourier)

A mathematical glimpse into spherical harmonics The story of Joseph Fourier (1768-1830) If you’ve been involved in physics or mathematics at some point in your life, you probably heard of…