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Space geodesy

Gravity field and more

Space geodesy
2 October 2019

Space geodesy: Start here

Dear friends, Welcome! This is the starting page for space geodesy. Starting soon, we will share our interests with you by publishing a series of articles on space geodesy, gravity…
Space geodesy
1 July 2020

Is the Earth flat?

Is the Earth flat? Well, the shape of the Earth is quite an interesting topic. In science and physics, it's never shameful to start with approximations. We can start with…
Space geodesy
5 August 2020

A mathematical glimpse into spherical harmonics (and the adventurous life of Joseph Fourier)

A mathematical glimpse into spherical harmonics The story of Joseph Fourier (1768-1830) If you’ve been involved in physics or mathematics at some point in your life, you probably heard of…
Space geodesy
2 September 2020

Gravity field and the water cycle

A drop of water caught in the gravitational field of the Earth What the hell is water? There's an old Delta blues song called "High Water Everywhere" about the Great…
Space geodesy
7 October 2020

Focusing efforts in the right direction (eigenvectors) – Part 1

Which direction will you take?   In the previous article, we gave a broad overview about how to produce maps of Equivalent Water Heights from gravimetric satellite missions. Let's make…
Space geodesy
4 November 2020

Focusing efforts in the right direction (eigenvectors) – Part 2

Are you on the right track? Focus your efforts in the right direction In our previous article, we talked about why it was important to focus efforts in the right…
Space geodesy
3 November 2021

Pair, three-of-a-kind, two pair? The odds for the next gravity mission

Future gravity missions Let's make a short break from the "Focusing efforts in the right direction" series (we'll come back to eigenvectors and eigenvalues soon), and talk about another burning…
Space geodesy
5 July 2023

No kangaroos in Austria (nor in Iceland)

Austrian geodesists and Viennese Waltzes After speaking of future gravity missions and before going back to eigenvalues and eigenvectors, let's make a short trip to Austria. One very talented group…
Space geodesy
6 December 2023

Focusing efforts in the right direction Pt. 3 – Gravity field and the Cullinan diamond

Resin replica of the Cullinan Diamond (Credits: Wikipedia / Public domain) The Cullinan Diamond Look at this picture of a man in his workshop. What can this be? Joseph Asscher…
Space geodesy
6 March 2024

Least squares revisited

Least squares are now hexagons Least squares revisited Everything you always wanted to know about the special CNES/Stellar Space Studies Singular Value Decomposition technique for gravity field inversion, with all…