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A job interview at Stellar

By 6 April 2022February 15th, 2024Working with us

What to expect

We’ve had quite a few interviews over the years, so we can tell you how it looks like. We are a small company. We don’t operate in a standardized way. There is no bureaucracy at Stellar. Our people are our most precious resource, our wealth and our pride. Read this section for examples. Here, you will not be a faceless number in a big organization. You will not be an anonymous file languishing in a drawer of a human resources department. You’ll talk directly to the CEO. You will be very important. So we really want to make sure we know you well before making any decision.

Your story

What do want out of those interviews? We want to know you. We want to see if we can travel a few miles together and envision something exciting together. Tell us stories about your experiences, your achievements, your successes… The dreams you turned into reality, the ones you are thinking about. Your failures and the lessons you learnt. We want to understand the way you think, the way you operate. Your philosophy. What motivates you, what ticks you off. Where you come from, and where you want to go. What you like to do, what you don’t like to do. The areas where you think you’re good or strong, and the ones where you think you’re awkward or terrible. There is nothing good or bad in itself. Everyone comes with their own history, education, experience. There is always room to improve, and you would be surprised at how many highly successful people turned their initial weaknesses into strengths. This is not an exam, so feel free to expand.

Your technical skills

Henry Ford said: « You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year ». There are lots of things that you can (and will) learn along the way. So we want to know that your head is well built. You can always fill later with the appropriate content. You already have a background, it already says something about you. If you went through Classes Préparatoires, it tells us that you have an experience in heavy workloads, discipline, and persistence. If you come from a very selective school, such as Grandes Ecoles, we take note that some institutions already performed an extensive selection process before us, and that they decided to let you in. If you come from another background, that’s not a problem. You have all the time and the means to make the case for yourself. We’re all ears. In any case, tell us about the disciplines you like, and demonstrate how you’re involved in them and good at them. If you love mathematics, do you teach them? If you love code, do you have a demonstration project? If you love robotics, did you build a model? We’re curious to learn about it, and we will consider all supporting facts as a positive.

Where and how

Job interviews at Stellar have happened in many different places. Some were very academic. In our offices. Over Zoom. In a SUPAERO classroom. Some were more unconventional. With a drink at the Place du Capitole in Toulouse. In an historical brasserie restaurant in the countryside. On a walk in the park, next to the Canal du Midi. We love to walk and talk, it stimulates the brain and imagination.

What we like

Usually, if students come from Grandes Ecoles, they are all intellectually able and smart. So how can we make the difference? We like something out of the beaten path. This is one of the Stellar trademarks. All your past efforts and endeavors play in your favor. For example:

  • What responsibilities did you hold during your studies? Were you in charge of a club or association? The students bureau? The relationships with industrial partners? The organization of events?
  • Have you been doing side jobs during your studies: teaching younger students, working in the pizzeria, working as an auto-entrepreneur?
  • Can we attribute your name to a personal creation? A blog, a scientific article, a book, a CD, a software, a website, videos, paintings, an invention?
  • What can you do with your hands? Are you a good plumber/painter in your house? Did you grow the vegetables for the family? We have high respect for manual intelligence.
  • Are you a competitive person? Have you won a challenge? A sports tournament, a concert festival, a robotics contest, a photography prize?
  • Do you practice a discipline that requires assiduity, patience and effort? Something in which you have many long years of dedication? For example: sports in high-level competition? A musical instrument?
  • Have you had special and unique experiences in your life? An extended stay abroad where you interacted with the culture? Some special encounters and influences?
  • Are you a little crazy? Did you take any risk, where you were very fearful, but dared anyway?

We’re very open minded. We like to be entertained. Surprise us!

Good things sometimes take time

Good things sometimes take time. We like to know you before we hire you. Sometimes opportunities are not present at the time we meet. Sometimes the right time comes several months later, or even years, so it is good to keep in touch for the future. We like to build trust before we act. We are long-term players, and we don’t have a time limit on our horizon.

Write us a letter

Write us a letter. Take this as an exercise to reflect on your past experiences, and an opportunity to give us a taste of your written style. We will take great pleasure and care in reading it.

Action to take

Think about it, and prepare all the things you would like to tell us. Take it as a game in preparation for an interesting conversation. Contact us and we’ll be glad to set up an interview.

Is this you?