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The Consigliere

By 3 August 2022February 10th, 2024Stories, team and partners

Advisors behind the scenes

In all meaningful endeavours of life, there are always advisers who work in the shadows, who act behind the scenes, who have a discrete but mighty hand in decisions, but are never to be seen. De Gaulle’s grey eminencies, Churchill’s late night advisors.… This an essential ingredient of any ambitious venture. In any meaningful enterprise, you need someone to keep an external eye on things, someone with a cool head, who gives opinions, raises contradictions, provides wisdom, support, warnings, and feedback. You need a trustable and brutally honest person to tell you your own truth, right in the eye. You also need someone who makes sure that the leader doesn’t go overboard in risk, doesn’t make a blunt decision (or fails to make one), or doesn’t throw himself out of the window out of stress, burn-out or rage (believe it or not, these things really happen). We’re blessed to have such a person at Stellar.

The Consigliere

We thought a long time about what the correct title should be on a business card. Special Councillor to the President. Executive Advisor for Strategy. Director of Special Affairs. None of them feels right. Anything like this wouldn’t make the grade. It does not reflect the urgency of the matter. As always, thinking in conventional terms will only get you so far. But there is actually an existing role for this. Where? In the 5 families of the New York Italian-American mafia. The name is Consigliere. Consigliere, that’s exactly what the right title should be. If you’ve watched the Godfather movie, here’s a picture of the original Consigliere, Tom Hagen, on the left.

Screen capture from the Godfather movie.
Tom Hagen the original Consigliere on the left (Michael Corleone on the right).

Stellar’s Consigliere

Since this website is about Stellar, we will introduce you to our Consigliere. We’ll mention it only once, and of course, we won’t give you too many details. It’s top secret. So, our Lady Consigliere is a really unique character. She has worked all over the world, and speaks seven languages. She has worked in the the judicial system, with the courts and the police. She has been a shrewd negotiator for industrial contracts in Africa and the Middle East. She has a very warm and colorful character, completely atypic. She is as generous as she is dangerous. As discrete and as she is explosive. As distinctly polite as she can be outrageously bold. And very funny. You will laugh a lot in her company. Extremely loyal. And a ruthless enemy. A clairvoyance for fine details, with exhausting nerves. A big heart. One thing is certain, you’ll never get bored in her company. If you get close to us and come for a sit-down, you’ll get to meet her for sure.