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By 1 December 2021February 22nd, 2024Inspiration

Put a smile on your face

At Stellar, we love to laugh. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for sharing the company of someone with a deep sense of humor and a constant smile on his or her face. We selected Youtube videos to level up your spirits and put you in a good mood. As Harry Belafonte sings, the thing that’s best if you’re feeling glum (after coconut water and a little rum)… is to come back to this page, and enjoy a few smiles and laughs!

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Quick summary (last update: February 2024)

We will keep everything on this single page and we’ll update it from time to time.

  • Metro laugh (Happiness starts with a smile)
  • Ghetto kids at Britain’s Got Talent
  • Bentley parodies
  • Chicken tennis (Vizzavi)
  • Public prank: a taxi-cab that defies gravity
  • Boston Dynamics dance
  • LHC Rap (the Large Hadron Collider in CERN)
  • The CEO of Mercedes-Benz retires (a commercial by BMW)
  • Classic Le Luron (in French)
  • Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger deep fake impersonations
  • Ronald Reagan jokes
  • Young Bob Dylan playing with journalists
  • Liam Clancy going back to rap again

Metro laugh

Put a smile on your face. Beware, it is contagious!

Britain’s Got Talent

Ghetto kids

Absolutely fantastic! Take an example!

Bentley parodies

Competitive creative spirit in the automotive industry… We love the imagination and humor of YouTubers all around the world!

Bentley vs Jigouly

Bentley vs Citroën

Bentley vs Humvee

Bentley vs Steyr

Chicken tennis

Public pranks

The taxi-cab that defies gravity

At Stellar we love a good prank. No joke, this cop will show you what it’s all about!

Boston Dynamics

What makes humans humans, if not art, feelings and humor? This robots’ dance is full of them, and that’s why we’re touched by it. Enjoy the show!

LHC Rap (the Large Hadron Collider in CERN)

An introduction to the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. Matter, antimatter, and energy explained by Alpine Kat.

The CEO of Mercedes-Benz retires (a commercial by BMW)

A tribute from BMW to Dieter Zetsche, the long time CEO of Mercedes, on the day of his retirement.

Classic Le Luron

Thierry Le Luron was a very gifted impersonator, and possibly the best ever on the French scene. He could capture more than the voice, but the very spirit of the people he impersonated. Enjoy! (in French).

Presidential wishes

Fireside chat

Public speech

Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations

Natural voice, but deep-fake artificial intelligence for the face… It is worth a look.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was known and beloved for his sense of humor. Here’s the story of buying a car in the Soviet Union.

And the story about peanuts, pop-corn, crackerjack.

Young Bob Dylan playing with journalists

Here is a video of the young Bob Dylan playing with journalists, and not taking himself too seriously.

Liam Clancy

Liam Clancy is a famous Irish folk singer and a musical giant. In the famous documentary “No Direction Home”, Bob Dylan reminisces about spending all his time with the Clancy Brothers in his early days in Greenwich village. He tells the story of the younger brother Liam, who told him, reportedly after several pints of Guinness: “Remember Bob, no fear, no envy, no meanness”. We strongly subscribe to the message. The following video is an interview where Clancy reflects on his career as a rapper.