Why working in a small company?

Working in a small company is like working on a small ship. Sometimes the water is calm, and life is beautiful under the sun. Sometimes a big storm comes and rocks the boat, and we need everybody to work extra-hard and to help each other to keep the boat afloat. If you have the nerves, the brains and the heart, working in a small company is the most rewarding experience you can have. In a small company, you have the unique opportunity to create the path you will be traveling on. You will find more passion, more freedom, more satisfaction. In return, you absolutely have to be there when people need you. You quickly become an important piece of the puzzle, so your sense of responsibility must be flawless. When we say that we count on you, we mean it. So you probably already know instinctively if this is good for you or not. If you have the guts and heart for this, working in a small company will provide you many joys, and the long lasting feeling of accomplishment.