Why are we doing this?

Here is a story that we have learned from experience, and that we have seen time and time again. The brightest students come to the space industry because they have a dream. Space always attracts creative and inspired students. Those students are excellent at school, graduate from prestigious universities and then they find a job in a big structure. Then they face the reality of what a big structure is: rigid procedures, arbitrary rules, endless bureaucracy, everything is slow, everything is complicated, critical thinking is forbidden, intellectual talent is underused. Every year we hear the same story. Those talented students come to our industry to change the world and they end up being frustrated all day long. We think this is a shame. We think bright minds deserve an exciting professional life. We want to create the framework for them to be creative, to be useful, and to use their talents to benefit others. We want to get rid of the useless noise, and focus only on the essential: achieving good work.