I am a senior (and I hate retirement)

Then you already gained our sympathy! In some countries, some employers will fire you just because you’ve reached an arbitrary age limit, even though you still have treasures of knowledge and energy to offer. What a a shame. The most passionate people never retire. They might slow down their activity at some point, but they never stop, because they just love what they do. Of course, laying in the sun and drinking cocktails on the beach may be nice for a month or two, but let’s get serious, you also need something to satisfy your intellectual talents, to stay active and keep you motivated. So if for you, work and fun are the same, and retirement feels just like a non-deserved punishment, let’s get in touch. We could invent the next chapter of your professional life together. You have the experience and the brains, and the younger people in our staff have the legs and the motivation to do what you can’t do or don’t want to do anymore. That could make a perfect team, with a lot to cooperate between generations. And for you, this time, it will be without the constraints, at your own pace and for the fun part of it. And it will for sure provide some extra income for your travels… if you like cocktails on the beach, after all.